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Scores between 300-579 fall in the poor credit range.

You won't qualify for the best credit cards and loans.

You'll face subprime rates to finance a car or a house.

You may be stuck paying utility deposits that people with higher scores get to skip.

Scores between 580-669 fall in the fair credit range.

You may get decent credit card options, but premium rewards might not be accessible.

You might still face challenges in qualifying for prime rates.

You may face moderate interest rates for loans.

Scores between 670-739 fall in the good credit range.

You'll qualify for better credit card options with potential rewards.

You can enjoy more favorable interest rates on loans and mortgages.

You'll have increased negotiating power for lower insurance premiums.

Scores between 740-799 fall in the very good credit range.

You'll have access to top-tier credit cards with attractive benefits.

You can secure the best interest rates on loans and mortgages.

Landlords may view you as a low-risk tenant, reducing security deposit requirements.

Scores between 800-850 fall in the excellent credit range.

You'll have access to the most exclusive credit cards with elite perks.

You’ll obtain the lowest possible interest rates on loans and mortgages.

You may even be eligible for premium benefits and rewards on other lines of credit.

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