Remove Inaccuracies From Your Credit Report

Notice errors in your credit report? We can help you dispute and resolve them, ensuring that your credit report is a true reflection of your financial standing.

Let's check what your credit score says

Access instant reports from all three bureaus for a fairer understanding of the status of your credit health.

Monitor Your Credit

Revive Your Creditworthiness

Rediscover financial confidence through our hassle-free credit revival process.

Fetch score

First, we'll assess all three of your credit reports to validate any inaccuracies.

With its advanced AI, CoolCredit scans your credit report to help you understand what factors are negatively impacting your credit. These could be:

  • Incorrect account information reported.
  • Outdated or inaccurate personal details.
  • Missed payments or late payment history.

Select your path

Expert Assist or Do It Yourself; it's your choice.

Own your credit repair with a hands-on DIY approach, and switch to Expert Assist when you need extra support.

  • Time and Effort: DIY requires time and effort in researching, disputing, and monitoring progress. With Expert Assist can save time and Good results.
  • Effectiveness: The effectiveness of DIY credit repair depends on individual efforts. Expert Assist offer expertise and experience, for handle the disputes.


Protect your identity and credit score.

Take charge of your financial security with our regular monitoring. Get notified of updates and action items as we execute the dispute workflow.

  • Verify Every Change.
  • Flag Any Fraudulent Activities.
  • Guard Against Unauthorized Transactions.

How Credit Repair Works?

Discover insights into improving your credit score with our simplified video guides.

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This app really helped me boost my credit score by 62 points! Their personalized approach and easy-to-use features made the entire process so easy.

John D


I never knew managing my credit could be this simple. CoolCredit's credit monitoring helped me stay afloat with regular updates and their expert assist is just invaluable. I won disputes and removed 3 negative items from my report within 2 months.

Sarah L


Seeing my credit score improve has been incredibly empowering, all thanks to CoolCredit's user-friendly features and supportive team.

Alex P


From downloading the app to seeing my score rise, CoolCredit has been an amazing partner in my credit repair journey.

Emma T

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