Greater return on investment, new opportunities

What can having a good credit score mean to you? By making a small investment up front, you can improve your credit in a way that enables you to get approved for a mortgage, lower your car payment, have better interest rates on credit cards and loans, and so much more.

Spend your time on the important things

It can be a luxury to have an unlimited amount of time to spend according to your desires, but it’s a luxury very few of us have. Spend your time how you’d like while you let us improve your credit.

Cool Credit simplifies the process of improving your credit

Flexible monthly plans to suit your budget

We provide you with multiple options to choose a monthly plan that fits your pocket.

Financing available to further improve your score

We can finance to improve your credit with affordable monthly payments reported to the major credit bureaus.

The process is hassle-free

We do the work for you and keep you updated on our simplified and hassle free progress.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Schedule a free consultation.
  • Step 2: Our team reviews your score and negative items.
  • Step 3: We recommend the best solution and a plan that fits your budget.

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      Rose Marie from New York improved her Credit Score by 73 points

      Carlos Jr. purchased the Aggressive Package.

      Elina Joseph from California improved her Credit Score by 34 points

      Peter C. crossed the 700 Credit Score benchmark.

      Denzel improved his Credit Score by 60 points

      Laura joined the 700+ Club just now.

      Raymond purchased the Moderate Package.

      Gabriela improved her Credit Score by 75 points