How Cool Credit Works

How Cool Credit Works?

How to improve credit score

Nicolette Norris

September 14, 2021
How Cool Credit Works


Many times, Americans are unaware of negative items that appear on their credit report. This can lead to one’s credit score plummeting. Even worse, one may not realize it until they need their credit score to apply for a mortgage, an apartment, or a loan.

Cool Credit leaps headfirst into the challenge to better your credit score. Your own personal credit repair specialist will begin by assessing your credit report to figure out which negative items appear. If any are questionable, we list them out and place them on our list to dispute.

This includes but is not limited to bankruptcies, liens, court rulings, and collections balances.

The assessment portion of the process is beneficial for both parties to be clearly aware of what they are dealing with, but also set a plan for restoration.


Based on the negative items found in the assessment phase, your credit repair specialist will begin to verify the negative items with your creditors to dispute them. If your creditors cannot verify the negative items found on your report, then they are required by law to stop reporting them.

The disputing portion takes place through multiple phone calls and letters sent to each of the major credit bureaus on your behalf, asking them to remove the negative items from your report. Once a negative item is reported and brought to the collector’s attention, they are given 30 days to respond and process the dispute. If they fail to process the dispute within that time frame, the account by law will need to be deleted (see the Fair Credit Reporting Act).


If you didn’t pay attention to your credit score before, Cool Credit makes it easy to stay on top of it. Once you sign up, we continue to monitor your credit report and alert you as new items appear.

Cool Credit is your defense and will continue to fight on your behalf to remove existing and new negative items that appear on your credit report.

Watch your credit score as it improves over time.

Rose Marie from New York improved her Credit Score by 73 points

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Elina Joseph from California improved her Credit Score by 34 points

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Peter C. crossed the 700 Credit Score benchmark.

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Denzel improved his Credit Score by 60 points

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Laura joined the 700+ Club just now.

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Gabriela improved her Credit Score by 75 points

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