Cool Credit Financial Agreement

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

Recurring Payments: For subscriptions that renew automatically, Customer authorizes Cool Credit to charge Customer’s payment method periodically for each subscription or billing period until the subscription is terminated. By authorizing recurring payments, Customer authorizes Cool Credit to process such payments as either electronic debits or funds transfers, or as electronic drafts from the designated bank account (in the case of Automated Clearing House or similar debits), as charges to the designated card account (collectively, “Electronic Payments”);.If any payment is returned unpaid or if any credit card of similar transaction is denied or rejected, Cool Credit reserves the right to collect any applicable return item, rejection or NSF fee to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and to process any such fees as an Electronic Payment.

Fees and Payment: You may be required to pay a fee to access some of our subscription services and add-on features. Any and all fees charged by Cool Credit are for the purchase of a software license only and can be used by the customer on their own.You agree to pay all charges or fees at the prices in effect for your purchases, and you authorize us to charge your chosen payment provider for any such amounts upon making your purchase. If your purchase is subject to recurring charges, then you consent to our charging your payment method on a recurring basis without requiring your prior approval for each recurring charge, until you notify us in writing of your cancellation.

Expert Assist: Expert Assist is an available add-on feature. If additional documents are required for Expert Assist, Customers must respond to Cool Credit’s requests within three (3) business days. Attempts to contact Customers will be made by telephone, email, and text message. After the third business day, dispute letters will be mailed out on behalf of the Customers and no refunds will be provided.

Cancellation Policy: Customers can cancel a paid subscription at any time by logging into their account and clicking the “cancel” button in the billing settings. The cancellation will take effect at the end of the current paid term. No refunds will be provided.Expert Assists may be cancelled within one business day from the date of purchase. After one business day, they cannot be cancelled nor refunded.`

For subscribers residing in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin: You may cancel your subscription, without penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date you subscribed. In the event that you die before the end of your subscription period, your estate shall be entitled to a refund of that portion of any payment you had made for your subscription which is allocable to the period after your death. In the event that you become disabled (such that you are unable to use our Services) before the end of your subscription period, you shall be entitled to a refund of that portion of any payment you had made for your subscription which is allocable to the period after your disability by providing the Company notice in the same manner as you request a refund as described below. To cancel your subscription within the 3-day cooling-off period, you must email Customer Support at and include your name, account number, and the date of purchase.

Effect of Cancellation: Once your cancellation is processed, you will no longer have access to the subscription services provided by Cool Credit LLC. Any data or information you have stored or used in connection with our services will be deleted in accordance with our data retention policy.

Exceptions: Please note that this 3-day cooling-off period applies only to new subscriptions purchased by Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin residents. This does not apply to renewals, add-ons, or upgrades of existing subscriptions.If you have any questions regarding your right to cancel, please contact our Customer Support for further assistance.

Chargebacks: While we strive to resolve all issues directly with our customers, we understand that you have the right to file a chargeback with your credit card issuer if you believe a transaction is unauthorized or if you did not receive the goods or services as described. However, please be aware that initiating a chargeback without first attempting to resolve the issue with us may result in delays and complications in processing your dispute. If the chargeback is resolved in our favor, you will be responsible for the original transaction amount. We encourage you to contact our Customer Support team at to resolve any issues directly before initiating a chargeback. Often, we can resolve your concerns more quickly and efficiently.

Changes To Cool Credit App and Website: I agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions outlined on Cool Credit’s website and mobile app and acknowledge that I am responsible for checking the website and mobile app periodically for any changes.

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