What Is Cool Credit and How Does It Work?

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March 23, 2022
What is Cool Credit

Cool Credit is a US-based company that offers affordable credit repair services, a process of finding and fixing any problems on your credit report to improve your financial standing. 

The company also offers other credit-related services to suit your individual needs and budget. Find all the details here.

What Services Does Cool Credit Offer?

Cool Credit uses a methodical approach to improve your credit score. Its services include:

1. Credit Repair

It is a 4-step process of evaluating your credit standing, identifying and challenging any inaccurate negative items with the credit bureaus, getting negative unverified items removed, and monitoring the changes in your credit score.

2. Credit Boost

Credit repair services can be expensive, but with Credit Boost, you get multiple payment options most suited to your credit profile and needs. Your every payment is instantly reported to all three credit bureaus to give your credit score a quick boost.

3. Credit Shift

The Credit Shift program helps you establish your business, get money for it, and then start the business credit building process.

How Much Do Cool Credit Services Cost To Individuals?

This includes:

1. Monthly Service Model

Depending on the number and severity of the negative items on your credit report, you should choose one of these three plans, Basic ($49 per month), Moderate ($69 per month), and Aggressive ($119 per month).

2. Pay Per Deletion Model

You pay only when a negative item is deleted. Available at $200 per deletion per bureau, you can finance this service with a monthly payout of as low as $80.

How Much Do Cool Credit Services Cost To Businesses?

The Credit Shift Program is meant for businesses, which is a more aggressive and faster-paced model priced at $999.

Apart from the costs mentioned above, Cool Credit charges a one-time fee of $300, payable once the team obtains your information, reviews your file, determines dispute strategy, enters information into the system, and creates your initial letters.

Disclaimer: The charges mentioned above are ballpark figures and can change depending on the case at hand.

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